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Discover Your Perfect Wedding Date

Best Wedding Dates Report

Order Best Wedding Dates Report

  • Discover the best dates for your special day
  • Avoid days and energy that leads to separation
  • Your unique wedding number is calculated based on numerology charts from both people (an extremely important process required to obtain correct wedding numbers for the couple)
  • Unlimited number of dates analyzed over 90 days
  • Submit any dates you are considering
  • Includes core numbers reports for both people
  • Valued at $50

Best Wedding Dates Report
Current Price: $20

Ultimate Couples 5-in-1 Report

  • Five reports in one: Best Wedding Dates Report, Compatibility Report, Name Changes Report, plus Full Individual Numerology Reports for both people
  • Everything included in all five individual reports is part of this bundle
  • Valued at $650

Ultimate Couples 5-in-1 Report
Current Price: $100

Meaning of Wedding Day Numbers

Wedding Day #




Independence and Becoming One

A great day to choose for most people


Love and Emotions

A good day as long as the couple is completely sure that getting married is best for both people


Laughter and Fun

A good day only for certain couples; must be okay if it rains on your wedding day, and do not expect the best of everything


Security and Commitment

Must be careful if choosing this day because the 4 also means limitations; this energy can lead to separation later 


Celebration and Party

The 5 energy can be very challenging because both people will be tempted to have freedom without their partner; this energy can lead to separation later


Nurturing and Family

A great day for people who value and accept responsibilities


Spirituality and Truth

The 7 energy can create disasters on your actual wedding day; long-term the couple must remain flexible and be willing to give each other complete freedom 


Success and Appearances

The 8 energy will force the couple to work extremely hard throughout their entire married life; several difficult challenges can lead to separation


Family and Compassion

A great day for most people; excellent day for people who value religious traditions

Utilize numerology to avoid negative energy and bring only good energy into your married life

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Stay Together Forever

Lasting Joy & Happiness

Prosperity & Success

The type of energy that is present on your wedding day will continue to influence your relationship for the rest of your life. When positive energy is present on your wedding day, it will continue to attract deeper love, success, prosperity, and many more good things into the marriage. 

When making plans for the most important day of your life, there are a few wedding day numbers that should be avoided by everyone. Certain numbers are the source of negative energy that easily leads to separation; no matter how wonderful the relationship is before your special day. Undesirable numbers have great potential to attract major on-going problems including financial struggles, heated arguments, and ultimately divorce. 

Certified Numerologist Brenda Lott calculates wedding date numbers by using each person's core numbers to reveal perfect wedding dates. This is a critical step that guarantees the unique results are accurate for each couple. Find your perfect wedding date numbers that contain the most positive energy possible for a long-lasting marriage by ordering your personalized report today. 

The process of calculating Wedding Day numbers is rather complex, but ensures accurate results that the couple can rely on to bring the best energy into their long-term married life.