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Understanding Numerology

Core Numbers

Life Path

This page will help you learn the basics of numerology along with assisting you in fully understanding how to interpret your core numbers. Once you have discovered the meaning of each core number, then it will be easier to figure out how to benefit the most from your full numerology report. 

How Numerology Works

Numerology uses the numbers found within your full birthday to figure out various characteristics, talents, challenges, and other things that you will encounter during life. The letters of the alphabet are assigned a numerical value. This allows your full birth name to be calculated to discover even more details about you and the energy present in your life. All numbers in numerology carry both positive energy and challenging energy. It is up to each person to learn how to effectively deal with the challenging energy so the positive side can be embraced and enjoyed throughout life. 

Master Numbers

In numerology, the basic numbers are 1 through 9 plus Master Numbers 11 and 22. Master Numbers carry much higher energy than single-digit numbers. They also require more time and more life experiences before a person can fully control the high energy. 

The core numbers in numerology are the first area to focus on when first looking at your numbers. In all of numerology, your Life Path is the most important number. The core numbers include the Life Path number, Expression number, Soul Urge number, and your Birthday number. We can use the lighthouse and tree images to represent the core numbers. 

The foundation of the lighthouse is the rocks and the lower part of the lighthouse, just like how the Life Path is the foundation of your life. Think of the different colors of rocks in the image as your talents, challenges, and opportunities that you will always have throughout your entire life. The Life Path reveals the path you will take in life, the opportunities you will have during life, your challenges, and the main lessons you will encounter throughout all of life. The door going into the lighthouse is like your pathway that you take during life. Your Life Path is set and never changes because it is found within your full birthday numbers. 


The red and white stripes on the lighthouse represent the Expression number which is obtained from your full birth name. Just like how the colorful stripes expose their colors to the world, the Expression number exposes your physical and mental make-up, and reveals the person you want to become in life. It also shows other people the visible parts of your personality; the parts that you are willing to show the world. The Expression also reveals additional talents you possess, your characteristics, abilities, and shortcomings in life. Plus, it reveals a lifelong goal that you need to fulfill, and exposes the person you truly want to become. The Expression is the most important number to look at when considering career choices, but other numbers in numerology also mention good career options. 

Soul Urge


Growth Number

The top of the lighthouse that contains the windows and light best explain the Soul Urge number. Imagine being inside the top of the lighthouse. From inside, you have the option to choose when you will turn the light on for the outside world to see. The Soul Urge number is obtained from the vowels in your full birth name which explains the more hidden parts of you. Just like the light being turned off or on, you choose how much of your tender side you are willing to show other people. This includes your love, vulnerabilities, and the caring part of you. The Soul Urge dramatically influences the choices you make in life, and its influence is everywhere. It especially influences your choice of surroundings, the kind of environment you like to live in, and the kind of people you attract. Plus, it shows the dreams closest to your heart, the general intention behind many of your actions, and the types of information you are willing to allow to enter your mind or life. 

The tree next to the lighthouse represents the Birthday number which is the least significant of the core numbers. The rocks that the tree are growing out of match the lighthouse rocks because the Birthday number is closely linked to your Life Path number more than any other number in numerology. The Birthday number, specifically the day you were born, shows a special talent that you highly possess which greatly assists you with your Life Path journey. The variety of leaves on the tree represent the aspects of the Birthday number. Your Birthday number assists you in understanding who you are, and it reflects your attitude towards the opportunities and challenges that are in your Life Path. The same way that trees of the same species can look very similar to each other, people who have the same Birthday number are similar in the way they carry themselves. 

The Growth number is not part of the core numbers, but it is included in the free core numbers report. It is a wonderful number because it only gives you positive energy throughout life. The image of the sun and growing plant can be viewed as the Growth number. The sunshine only supplies positive energy shining down on the plant so it can grow. The plant represents a person. The Growth number assists you with all of your core numbers, and in moving your life along its path. 

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gallery/lighthouse i colored with blue rocks
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gallery/lighthouse i colored with blue rocks