Terms & Conditions

Privacy: Upon request, I will email your report using the Virtru encryption service. You will be required to register with Virtru before gaining access to your report. All reports are guaranteed privacy from others while I am working on them and when they are completed. After your report is finished and has been sent to you, emails containing your information are permanently deleted, and copies of finished reports are deleted using software that securely wipes the file clean without any possibility of it being recovered. 


All Reports: For every report, I promise you complete confidentiality, and that all numbers will be calculated properly. I try my best to start working on reports the same day that you order, but it may take an extra day to finish your report. Most reports are finished in 1 hour from the time I begin working on it. Due to the customized nature of reports, all sales are final. If you accidentally order the wrong report or order in error, then you have 20 minutes from the time the order was placed to contact me asking for a refund. If you accidentally make a mistake when sending me your information, I will fix your report one time only using the correct information for free. You must contact me within 10 days with the correct information (an exception will be considered, but not guaranteed, to extend this deadline in the event of an extreme situation where it is impossible for you to get me the correct information within the first ten days). I guarantee accuracy in your numbers. If there is a mistake on my part in any of the calculations, I will fix the mistake, plus you will be eligible to receive any other report for free within 10 days of the order date. 

Baby Names & Name Changes Reports: You have 90 days from the order date to submit up to 10 different names. Sometimes when I am analyzing names, I will give you extra name options, free of charge, if I see that a slight change in the name would give you better numbers. If your baby is not born on any of the dates that were analyzed in your paid report, then please contact me within 10 days for a free report that uses the actual birth date to help you choose the best name for your baby. 

Wedding Date Reports: I will work with you, for up to 90 days from the order date, to assist you and your partner in finding the best wedding date. If the perfect date ends up falling on a weekday, I will continue working with you so we can find another perfect date that is on a Friday or weekend. 

Address Analysis Reports: You have 90 days to submit addresses for analysis. If you do not submit the full amount of addresses within 90 days, then you may request by email that I extend the amount of time you have to submit remaining addresses. I will give you up to a full year to submit the remaining number of addresses by request only. 

Personal Year, Month, & Day Report: If you order during September, October, November, or December, then you will receive information for the rest of that year, but I will count the start of your report beginning with the upcoming year. 


Use the form on the Contact page to email me anytime with questions.