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* Full Numerology Report & Chart

* Best Wedding Dates Report

* Baby Names Report

* Personal Year, Month, & Day Report

* Ultimate Getting Married 5-in-1 Report

* Name Changes Report

* Compatibility Report

* Customized Report: You Choose

* Address Analysis Report

Full Numerology Report & Chart

  • Simplified, easy to read full numerology chart
  • Core numbers
  • Lucky numbers
  • Hidden passion
  • Personality number
  • Life cycles
  • Personal year numbers for 20 years
  • Personal month numbers for 2 years
  • Personal day numbers 
  • Challenges coming up
  • Your strong and weak areas
  • How to improve your life
  • Karmic debts 

Full Numerology Report

Current Price: $50

  • How to stop recurring struggles
  • Lessons you must conquer
  • How to better use the energy from your numbers to work in your favor (with relationships, jobs, etc)
  • The number that overpowers your core numbers when you react to sudden, shocking news, and how to better handle it
  • Future events predicted through energy present
  • Transit letters and essence numbers through age 100
  • Over 30 different numbers, all with detailed explanations
  • Valued at $250

Personal Year, Month, & Day Report

  • Personalized numbers with details 
  • How to best utilize the energy from each number
  • Personal year numbers for 20 years
  • Personal month numbers for 2 years
  • Personal day numbers for 30 days
  • Your personal patterns for future months, days, & years
  • Easily see the best times to act to help you succeed
  • Valued at $30

Personal Year, Month, & Day Report
Current Price: $10

Compatibility Report

  • Discover how well you match up with your partner
  • Helpful information for both new couples and married people
  • Details about each other's strong and weak areas
  • Find out what the future holds for both of you as a couple
  • How to avoid arguments
  • Learn how to approach difficult conversations that cater to the outcome you desire
  • Reveal how to better communicate with each other
  • Gain clarity about whether or not to move forward in a relationship
  • See whether to keep fighting for a troubled marriage or move on
  • Valued at $100

Compatibility Report

Current Price: $50

Baby Names Report

  • Choose the best name for your baby or adopted child 
  • Choose which characteristics you want in your child
  • Submit up to 10 different names over 90 days
  • Dates analyzed for a full week around your due date
  • Valued at $80
  • Free Bonus: Challenges your child will face and how to help your child through the struggles associated with each core number. This information will be available after deciding on your child's name. 
  • Expecting multiples or adopting 2+ kids? Email me for a quote before ordering. I will give you a discount. 
  • Missed due date: If your baby is not born on any of the dates used in your paid report, contact me within 10 days for a free report using the actual birth date.

Baby Names Report
Current Price: $20

Name Changes Report

  • Find the best new name for you
  • Prevent changing to a name that will attract struggles
  • Choose numbers you want in your new name
  • Change your Expression & Soul Urge numbers
  • Learn how to benefit from your new name
  • Analyze up to 10 different names over 90 days
  • Valued at $80

Name Changes Report
Current Price: $20

Address Analysis Report

  • Find the best address for your new home or business
  • Choose the type of energy you want present 
  • Easily reveal your perfect home atmosphere
  • Increase sales for your business 
  • 90 days to submit all addresses (or a full year by request; no extra charge)
  • More than 30 addresses: contact me before ordering so I can give you a discount
  • Valued at $20 to $60

Address Analysis Report
Option 1: up to 5 addresses, Current Price: $5
Option 2: up to 10 addresses, Current Price: $10
Option 3: up to 30 addresses, Current Price: $20

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Best Wedding Dates Report

Ultimate Couples 5-in-1 Report

Customized Report: You Choose

Looking for something specific, such as the best day to host a party, figuring out the best business partner to hire, your lucky numbers, or anything else? Email me the details regarding what you want, and I will email you a quote. Reports start at only $5. Cost is based on how many calculations are needed to complete your customized report.

Give A Report As A Gift

If you would like to purchase a report as a gift for someone else, simply let me know on the order page in the special message box. There is no expiration date on reports sent as gifts. After placing the order, send the person the private link where he or she can fill out their personal information.

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