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Affordable customized numerology reports

Full Numerology Report 

Details: Every aspect of numerology in a full report with a simplified full numerology chart. Includes core numbers, over 30 different types of numbers with explanations, your lucky numbers, challenges coming up in your life, how you deal with situations in life, your strong and weak areas, how to stop the same struggles from occurring over and over again, changes you can make to improve your life, how to better use the energy from your numbers to work in your favor (with relationships, jobs, etc), your hidden passion, life cycles, karmic lessons, karmic debts, personal year numbers for 20 years, personal month numbers for 2 years, personal day numbers, essence numbers for predicting possible future events for ages birth through 100 years old, and much more. Valued at $250.

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Current Price: $50

Personal Year, Month, & Day Report

Your personalized numbers with details on how to best utilize the energy for each number. 

Details: Get your personal year numbers for the next 20 years, your personal month numbers for the next 2 years, and personal days for 30 days. Includes descriptions of the energy you should bring into each month, day, and year that will assist you in succeeding at whatever you have planned. This report also contains detailed step by step instructions on how to calculate all of these numbers so you can continue to always know your personal month, day, and year numbers. Valued at $30.

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Current Price: $10

Name Changes Report

Discover the best new name for you, and choose the numbers that you want in your new name.

Details: Submit a total of 10 different names. You have up to 90 days to submit the names you want analyzed. When calculating your name choices, if I see that a slight change will get the numbers you want, I will analyze those too, but they will not count toward your total of 10 names. Valued at $80. 

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Current Price: $20

Best Wedding Dates Report

Discover the best dates for your special day, and avoid days that are not good for marriage.  

Details: There are certain numbers that everyone should avoid when getting married. People are more likely to get divorced if married on certain days, even if they have the best relationship before marriage. This happens because the energy from certain numbers will create greater struggles, tensions, and bring negative energy into the relationship. Send me any dates you are currently considering. I will work back and forth with you for up to 90 days so we can find the best wedding date that works for both of you. Includes Core Numbers Report for both people. Valued at $50.

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Current Price: $20

Full Wedding & Love Report

Best Wedding Dates Report, Compatibility Report, plus Full Numerology Reports for both people.  

Details: Includes the best dates for your wedding, the worst days to avoid when getting married, and full numerology reports for both you and your partner. Reports show how well you two match up in every area, strengths, weaknesses, and much more. This report is four reports in one: full individual numerology reports for both of you, the wedding dates report, and a compatibility report. Valued at $650.

Free Bonus: Name Changes Report 

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Current Price: $120

Baby Names Report

Choose the best name for your baby or adopted child with the attributes you choose.

Details: Submit up to 10 different names over 90 days that I will analyze using three possible due dates. If you are expecting multiples, or will be adopting 2+ kids, please email me for a quote before ordering. I will give you a discount so you can find the best names for your children. Upon request, I will analyze the names with possible due dates that span a full week. Valued at $80. 

Free Bonus: Challenges your child will face and how to help your child through the struggles associated with each core number. This information will be available after deciding on your child's name. 

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Current Price: $20

Note: If your baby misses the due dates that were used in your paid report, please contact me within 10 days for a free report to help you choose the best name using the actual birth date. 

Compatibility Report

Discover how well you match up with your partner. 

Details: Helpful information for both new couples and people who have been married for many years. Find out each other's strong and weak areas, and find out what the future holds for both of you as a couple. Learn how to avoid arguments, how to better communicate with each other, and more. If you are unsure about whether or not to move forward in a relationship, a compatibility report is a great way to see what the future will hold for both of you as a couple. Valued at $100.

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Current Price: $50

Address Analysis Report

Find the best address for your new home or business. 

Details: Discover the best address that will match the attributes you are looking for in your new residence. Three reports to choose from, or request a customized report if you need more than 30 addresses analyzed. All reports give you 90 days to submit addresses so you have plenty of time to find your perfect new place based on your needs. If you do not submit the full amount of addresses within 90 days, then you may request by email that I extend the amount of time you have to submit remaining addresses. Valued at $20 to $60. 

Order Address Analysis Report

Option 1: submit up to 5 addresses, Current Price: $5

Option 2: submit up to 10 addresses, Current Price: $10

Option 3: submit up to 30 addresses, Current Price: $20

Customized Report: You Choose

Looking for something specific, such as the best day to host a party, figuring out the best business partner, or anything else? Email me the details regarding what you want, and I will email you a quote. Reports start at $5 and up, based on how many calculations are needed to complete your customized report. 

$5 Reports

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Fiverr allows me to offer lower priced reports without high transaction fees. 
Most reports are only $5, and are usually completed the same day you order. 
A couple reports listed above are also on fiverr to offer them to a larger audience.

Reports Include: 

Lucky numbers with free Life Path number $5 

Marriage number for people already married $5

Personal year numbers for 10 years $5

Ask one numerology question $5 


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