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Meaning of Numbers

Every number in numerology has an overall meaning, a positive energy side, and a challenging side. Most numbers have more than one general meaning. This is because those numbers have very dominant characteristics that cannot be narrowed down to only one meaning. There are certain characteristics and qualities associated with each number that a person may or may not relate to in the short lists below. The reason for this is because it highly depends on individual growth up to this point in the person's life. Most people are balanced, having already learned how to deal with the challenging energy of each core number, but also with room to still improve on the positive side. Children often experience a great deal of the negative energy associated with their core numbers so they can learn how to successfully deal with that energy before growing up. 


1 Independence/Leadership
Challenging side: being either dependent or too independent, or selfish.
Positive side: being self-sufficient, or capable of satisfying your own basic needs without help from others.
Characteristics and Qualities: leadership, independence, courage, adventure, determination, direction, individuality, initiative, originality, creative inspiration, enthusiasm, drive to accomplish and succeed, strength, inventor, ambition, self-sufficient, highly self-centered, demanding, self-serving, selfish, egotistical, over-confident, impatience
1 as the Life Path combined with higher numbers for Expression and Soul Urge mean that a person will have to go out to find more opportunities in life to satisfy the higher motivation and ability numbers. People with number 1 can sometimes keep certain things in their lives more private or quiet due to being independent and not sharing certain things with others. 


2 Cooperation/Peacemaker
Challenging side: being reclusive, or avoiding other people.
Positive side: being cooperative, and a peacemaker. 
Characteristics  and Qualities: peacemaker, cooperation, kindness, sensitivity, creating friendships, emotions, feelings, intuition, cautious, diplomacy, mediator, honesty, work extremely well with all kinds of groups, tactful, good manners, master of compromise, maintain harmony, being too passive, apathy, lethargy, pessimistic, gentle, understanding, strength, power, survivor, resilient, flexibility, devotion, jealousy, tact, diplomacy, refined, sensitive, passionate lover, willing to stay in the background, warm and affectionate, need to feel appreciated, need to be cuddled, perfectionism, easily hurt by criticism, persuasive, healer, shy, compliant, supportive, modest, traditional, not an initiator
The number 2 focuses on the importance of working together with teams and/or partnerships in order to be well balanced with the 2 energy. It can be any kind of partnership including romantic, friendships, and business partners. People with number 2 who keep their hearts open can more easily avoid slipping into the challenging side of the 2 energy. 


3 Joy/Expression
Challenging side: being superficial, feeling empty all the time, partying too much, being shallow, not being thorough, and/or never thinking about things that are serious or important.
Positive side: being fun-loving, or joyful living.
Characteristics and Qualities: happiness, playfulness, great creativity, self-expression, expression through words or art, animation, ease, artistic, cordial, enthusiasm, inspiration, imagination, words, vision, optimism, pleasure, independence, good communicator, harmony, beauty, sharing creative talents with the world, warmth, friendliness, social, being open, open-hearted, good manners, very conscious of other's feelings and emotions, frivolous, superficial, moodiness
People with Life Path 3 like to have a good time with everyone without getting carried away. Enjoy expressing yourself by using your creative talents to their fullest potential.  


4 Limitation/Form/Order
Challenging side: being dogmatic, arrogant attitude based on unproven theories, or thinking they are right all the time without listening to any other opinions.
Positive side: being responsible.
Characteristics and Qualities: determination, practicality, excellent organizer and planner, manager, efficiency, application, concentration, conservation, loyal, devotion, dependable, dedication, follow-through with tasks, dogmatic, narrow-minded, repressive
The 4 can be very challenging yet also very rewarding. People with the 4 Life Path have the ability to just get things done that need to be done. The 4 is good for people who want to attend medical school because it will help them stick to it so they can get through it successfully. Some people might feel a great deal of limitation. Whether the limitations actually exist or not is not what always counts because the people could have everything in life but still feel very limited in their mind. Big achievements have been accomplished by people who have the number 4 in their core numbers when they were able to utilize the 4 energy to the fullest. 


5 Freedom
Challenging side: feeling restlessness, uneasy in the mind and/or heart, nervousness, or boredom.
Positive side: being change-oriented, making positive changes, or promoting a new and better way of doing things.
Characteristics and Qualities: adventure, expansiveness, promote new ideas, invention, promotion, flexibility, movement, variety, change, happy-go-lucky, living in the present moment, very irresponsible, self-indulgent, very dependable, self-serving
The 5 carries a lot of fun energy, just like the 3, but it also carries a great deal of responsibility. People with Life Path 5 must make constructive use of their free time which can be a difficult task for some people. 


6 Responsibility
Challenging side: being self-deprecating, critical of oneself, belittling or undervaluing oneself, putting yourself down, or being irresponsible.
Positive side: being generous typically by helping and/or serving others.
Characteristics and Qualities: responsibility to restore humanity, morality, trust, healing, creativity, beauty, passion, harmony, domesticity, serving, strength, compassion, sympathy, warmth, understanding, kindness, generosity, wisdom, nurturing, sacrifice, humanitarian, self-deprecating, exaggeration, self-righteousness, meddling, critical
People with Life Path 6 have to show love, kindness, and consideration towards others. You need to be needed. It is possible to become so focused on contributing to everyone else that you put yourself last, do not take care of yourself, and/or start putting yourself down. Utilize your charm and charisma to shine, your wisdom and generosity to help others, and your journey will be very fulfilling. 


7 Analysis/Spirituality/Individuality
Challenging side: being self-centered, mainly concerned with your own interests, or not caring about other people.
Positive side: being introspective, self-examination, contemplation of one's own thoughts and feelings, soul searching, and/or the ability to just get things done.
Characteristics and Qualities: individuality, independence, intellectual, quest for wisdom and knowledge, intuitive, investigation, analytical, researcher, calculation, solitude, reason, understanding, perfectionist, the unseen, vision, truth, peaceful, affectionate soul, reserved, spirituality, wisdom from an early age, fast thinker, insecurity, pessimistic, secretive, quarrelsome, negative attitude, selfish, spoiled, aloof, loner
People with Life Path 7 are often interested in spirituality because of high spiritual energy surrounding the 7. A burden is getting too much into analyzing everything and becoming a hermit. You can actually learn more by not becoming closed off from the world. 


8 Material Satisfaction/Manifestation
Challenging side: being overly materialistic.
Positive side: being goal-oriented, and focusing on tasks and the end results of goals.
Characteristics and Qualities: confident, powerful, very independent, leadership, tenacity, ambitious, manifestation, authority, capability, efficiency, hard work, supervising, goal-oriented, power, skill, organizational, management, practical, successful, status, competitive, forceful, reckless, dictatorial, overly materialistic, suppressed emotions, isolation, loneliness, domineering, arrogant
The number 8 does not necessarily mean people over-indulge in material things; it means people are goal-oriented when they are on the positive side of the 8 energy. If people with the 8 Life Path are very rich, they will help others financially when balanced in their number 8 energy. The challenging side of the 8 energy can make some people, especially those who are very rich, easily lose sight of the big picture by focusing on obtaining too many material items.


9 Selflessness/Compassion
Challenging side: being selfish, or giving way too much to others to the point where it negatively effects the giver's life.
Positive side: being giving.
Characteristics and Qualities: humanitarian, compassion, philosophical, forgiveness, universal love, generosity, selflessness, sacrifice, dedication, devotion, creativity, intuition, imagination, goodwill, charitable, trustworthy, honorable, impersonal, emotional, selfish
Number 9 people want to help the world, and give of themselves to others specifically with time and energy. They need to give to others to feel good. 


Master Number 11 Illumination
Challenging side: being a dreamer.
Positive side: being motivational, or sometimes being inspirational to others.
Characteristics and Qualities: inspiring, intense, six-sensed, creative, aware, dreamy, illumination, intuition, psychic, spiritual awareness, understanding, sensitivity, idealistic, visionary, cultured, deep-thinking, cooperative, patient, diplomatic, leader, tactful, inventive, humanitarian, mood swings, depression, lack of confidence, uneasiness, dissatisfaction, impractical, dreamer, discerning 
The best use of the master number 11 energy is being a bright, shining light in the world, and lighting a path for others. If people cannot harness the 11 energy, then they will dream great ideas without taking any actions. It takes a lot to live up to the potential that other people easily see in them. People with master number 11 may have some qualities of the number 2 (because 11 breaks down to 1+1=2). Children with number 11 might not relate to the number 11 until around age 20 especially with the positive side of the 11 energy. Adults can also relate to the 2 energy on some days. 


Master Number 22 Master Builder
Challenging side: being self-serving.
Positive side: being a top performer in your area.
Characteristics and Qualities: great achievement, high energy, precision, balance, ingenuity, innovation, master mind of creative projects and ideas, idealistic, special spiritual understanding, practicality, controlled emotions, determination, dictatorial, insensitive, overbearing
Master number 22 has a lot of power in a material way, meaning people will do best when building amazing things. This can include businesses, organizations, or physical buildings. This Life Path is more about building things in a material way that can be seen versus concepts that cannot be seen. Master number 22 can make people become self-serving including with their wealth if they become unbalanced with the 22 energy. Top performer means standing out in the world; not just in your community, state, or country. There is potential on a global scale to be the best in your area. People with master number 22 might also have some qualities of the number 4 (because 22 breaks down to 2+2=4). Children with number 22 might not relate to the number 22 until around age 20 especially with the positive side of the 22 energy. Adults can also relate to the 4 energy on some days.