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Ultimate Life-Changing Guide

8 Simple Steps To A Better Life

Congratulations on starting your journey to the wonderful life you deserve. The following steps will assist you in creating and attracting the life you desire. Remember to also enjoy the small improvements along the way. 


Step 1: Know your life path number 

Utilize numerology to find out your core numbers by requesting your free report. Focus on your Life Path number which reveals your life's purpose. If you are interested in finding the best career options for you, look at the lists for both your Expression and Life Path numbers. 

Step 2: Watch a free documentary
Watch "The Secret" (from 2006). If you have already heard about this, see step three to find out the important key that is missing in this documentary. 


Step 3: Thought Elevators System 

Thought Elevators is based on scientifically-proven research completed at Stanford University's neuroscience department. This secret system utilizes a brain elevation technique to help you achieve success on autopilot. It consists of videos and audio files which are essential to creating your dream life. Each video is only 3 to 3 1/2 minutes. Simply focus all your attention on one video daily (or more if you wish). When the video is finished, turn on the matching audio file. Listen to the 30 minute audio in the background while you are busy doing other things (or meditate). This system eliminates negative energy, negative thoughts, and bad past experiences from your subconscious mind. At the same time, it adds positive energy and happiness into your life while making you feel good. 


The website below has an informational video about the system. If you prefer to read a list of the system's contents, click here. The Thought Elevators system is inexpensive, and comes with a 60 day money back guarantee with no questions asked. So there is no risk involved to start creating your dream life. 

Discover the Thought Elevators System


- Be sure to uncheck the bottom box on the order page; you only need the top box for the videos and audio files. 
- Do not listen to the audio files while driving.


How To Speed Up The Process

If you want to achieve your dream life as soon as possible, there is a faster way to make it happen. It will require slightly more effort from you, but once you see how much fun this process is, you will want to keep striving daily. 
In addition to the steps above, also do these steps: 


Step 4: Make a gratitude list 
This is anything you can think of that you are thankful for in your life. For example, good health, food to eat, shelter, your family, certain material items, etc. Only needs to be done one time, but it is good to add to this list especially when what you want manifests in your life. 


Step 5: Thank the universe daily 
Applying the technique from The Secret documentary, send out gratitude for already having the most important things you want in your life. That sentence will only make sense after watching the documentary. 


Step 6: Visualize with feelings 
This step also uses the technique from The Secret documentary. When listening to the audio file every day, spend at least 15 minutes to visualize yourself already having what you want. 


Step 7: Create a vision board 
Put together a board of images of things you want. Keep it in a place where you can see it every day. 


Step 8: Daydream 
Throughout the day, whenever possible, continue imagining already having the things you want most in life. 


Learn more about the Thought Elevators system