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Core Numbers

In numerology, the core numbers explain the most about who a person is, and they describe the most details about the person's life. The core numbers are composed of the Life Path number, Expression number, Soul Urge number, and Birthday number. Out of all the various types of numbers in numerology, the Life Path number is the most important. 

Life Path is the most important number in numerology to know because it reveals the most about who you are as a person. It is the main opportunity or lesson you learn in life. It reveals specific talents you possess, and shows the direction of your life's journey. It also shows the types of opportunities and challenges that you will encounter throughout life. The Life Path is calculated from the numbers in your full birthday, including the month and year you were born. 
Expression is your ability and the potential within you. It reveals your talents, the general direction of your life, and is a foundation for your Life Path. The Expression is calculated from all the letters in your full birth name. 

Soul Urge is your true motivation, the inner you, and the identity of your soul. It shows the delicate side of you, reveals intentions behind your actions, and highly influences the choices you make in life. It also shows what you want to do and like to do. Soul Urge is calculated from only the vowels in your full birth name. 

Birthday number reveals a special talent you possess that greatly assists you with your Life Path. It is calculated from only your day of birth, and it is looked at both as a single and double digit number. The reason for this is because double digit numbers contain extra details that are not revealed in the broken-down single digit number. 

Calculating Core Numbers
Learn how to figure out your Life Path number on the Life Path page. Due to a few unique numerology rules with calculating names, it is better to only have a trained numerologist figure out your Expression and Soul Urge numbers. Fill out the form on the home page to obtain your core numbers for free. 

Balanced Core Numbers
Another important thing to understand is that the relative size of your core numbers matters a lot. Numerology says that things will flow easier in your life if the core numbers are closer together, within four spaces of the largest and smallest numbers. For example, the following numbers would make a person very well balanced in life because the largest and smallest numbers are within four spaces of each other: Life Path 6, Expression 7, Soul Urge 4, Birthday 3, and Personality 6. 7 is the largest and 3 the smallest, so 7 minus 3 is four spaces. 


Master Numbers
If you have a master number, in numerology there is only one space between numbers 9 and 11, one space between numbers 11 and 22, and two spaces between 9 and 22. This is because 10 and all the other numbers between 11 and 22 are broken down into single-digit numbers. For example, a person with the following numbers would still be very well balanced because the spaces between the highest and lowest numbers are within four spaces: Life Path 22, Expression 7, Soul Urge 9, Birthday 11, and Personality 9. 

Changing Your Core Numbers
If you do not like all of your core numbers, you have the freedom to change two of them, the Expression and Soul Urge simply by changing your name. Even if all you do is add a second middle name, you will be able to change to different numbers. Obviously the Life Path and Birthday numbers cannot be changed because they come from the day you were born. 


Balancing Unbalanced Core Numbers
What should you do if your core numbers are not balanced? There is a way to change two of your core numbers to make life flow more easily for you. Changing your name, even if it is only the middle name, or adding a second middle name, allows you to choose which numbers you want for your Expression and Soul Urge numbers. The Life Path and Birthday numbers can obviously never be changed since they are based on the day you were born. But, even if the Life Path and Birthday numbers are far apart, changing your name to other numbers still has potential to make your life a little easier. See the Order Reports page if you are interested in changing your name to numbers you prefer for your Expression and Soul Urge numbers.