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Basics of Numerology

How Numerology Works

Numerology, the study of numbers, has been around for thousands of years, and was used by early Christians. Many ancient cultures also utilized numerology long before the Greeks and Romans learned about it. Greek philosopher and mathematician, Pythagoras, is considered the creator of the Pythagorean system which is the version of numerology we use today.

Numerology History

Numerologists calculate various numbers based on a person's birthday, full name at birth, and current name. The process involves adding numbers in a certain way according to specific rules, and then breaking down those numbers into either a single-digit number or Master number. The Master numbers are 11 and 22, and they carry much higher energy than the single-digit numbers. In numerology every number contains energy, and each number has its own characteristics that describe a person, expose challenges, and show how people can grow in all areas of life. Every letter of the alphabet was assigned a single-digit number which is how numerologists are able to calculate the numerical energy contained within names. 

If you do not know anything about numerology, think of how astrology uses the zodiac signs to describe traits for each sign. Numerology is more accurate than astrology because it is more detailed and customized for each individual. Since each number has a specific meaning, a positive side, and a negative side, knowing your numbers can assist you in becoming more balanced and grow as a person. When people discover their core numbers, which are the most important numbers in numerology, it helps them become aware of the energies present in their life. 

Numerology is also very beneficial for helping people choose the best wedding date, find the right business partner, help children grow up easier by discovering their main challenges, choose the best name for a baby, discover how well you are matched with a partner/friend/neighbor, discover the best day to host a party, find the best address for you when moving, and much more. 

Important Example About How Numerology Works

We will use the number 6 for this example, and will use it as the Life Path number (since that is the most important number in all of numerology). Overall, the main meaning of the number 6 is responsibility. So, people who have a 6 Life Path must learn how to be responsible. There are many different ways in life to be responsible which is why we need to look at the positive energy side of the number 6 for more clarity. The information revealed there tells us more details about exactly how to be responsible. The positive energy side of the number 6 is being generous, specifically by helping and serving others. When we look at the main meaning of the number 6 (responsibility) and compare it to the positive energy side of the number 6 (being generous), we see that people with the 6 Life Path need to learn how to be responsible in life by showing generosity to others. This is done through helping and serving others. For the 6 Life Path, this often happens through taking care of a relative, volunteering, a job, or any activity that allows the person to give his or her time and energy generously to others. 


One challenging part is for people with the 6 Life Path to learn how to best help and serve others without interfering in other people's lives (by knowing when to step back so other people can learn life lessons they need to learn on their own). Another challenging part for people with the 6 Life Path is to not overdo it when helping others. It can be easy to help others too much and in ways that it negatively affects the helper's life (so that the 6 Life Path person ignores taking care of himself or herself and only focuses on helping other people). This obviously would not be healthy for the 6 Life Path person. Once people with the 6 Life Path learn how to achieve balance in their life between responsibly taking care of other people while also taking care of themselves, then life will become much more easier and rewarding. 


The other challenging part of the 6 Life Path is found on the negative or challenging energy side of the 6 energy. The negative side of the number 6 is being self-deprecating. When people with the 6 Life Path are not balanced in life, it can be easy for 6 Life Path people to criticize themselves. This could include feeling like he or she is not doing things well enough in life when helping others. Often times, people with the 6 Life Path are their own worst critic. When we look at extra meanings of the number 6, we find that it can also include being selfish (which is going against the person's true purpose in life to help others). People who are not living up to their full potential by ignoring their purpose in life will not be happy. For 6 Life Path people who are too negative, they will start to become much happier when switching the focus from the self to helping and serving others. The rewards achieved and happiness gained from using your core numbers to their fullest potential is the key to leading a very happy life, but especially when focusing on your Life Path number (because it reveals your true purpose in life). 


Once you understand this process of how numerology works, then it will be much easier to understand other areas of numerology so you can fully benefit from knowing your numbers.