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Address Numerology

In numerology, addresses also carry energy from their numbers that influence people who live or work at the address. When choosing a new place to live, or a new location for a business, it is very important to know the type of energy present at the location before deciding if it would be a good location for you or not. The majority of the time, the number you choose is simply based on the energy you prefer. But, it is extremely important for everyone to avoid living, or doing business, at any address that contains karmic debt energy. If karmic debt energy is present, it is guaranteed to make life much more difficult for the people living at the address. This occurs because karmic debts bring continuous challenges to overcome. 
Some numerologists tell people that they can add a number on the inside of their door to change the energy to whatever number they want inside their home or business. People can do this, but it will not change the dominant energy that is found at the address. The dominant energy will always prevail.

Fill out the form with your current address to receive information about the energy present at your home or business. Apartment numbers and/or letters are needed. For businesses, floor and suite numbers or letters are needed. Do not need city, state, zip code, or country. Example: 12345 1st Street Apt 21 B.

Free Address Analysis For Your Current Address

Address Numerology Descriptions

1 Address
Positive Energy: Good home for people who are active, and want to achieve independence and success. Energy encourages leadership, ambition, and innovation. Good for people who work at home or run their own business. 
Challenges: Loneliness; can cause too much independence; loss of harmony with people living together; not good for single people who want to build a relationship
2 Address
Positive Energy: Very loving, nurturing energy is good for couples, families, kids, and friendships. 
Challenges: Becoming overly emotional; single people may become depressed if living alone
3 Address
Positive Energy: Cheerful energy is good for socializing, and boosting creativity. 
Challenges: Loss of focus; money problems; extreme emotional highs and lows
4 Address
Positive Energy: Perfect energy for creating security and stability, but at a slow pace. Good for travel companies and businesses who want good staff. 
Challenges: Very hard work is required; can start to feel oppressed
5 Address
Positive Energy: Fun, travel, variety, changes, and freedom are highlighted. Good for travel companies. 
Challenges: Lack of focus; overindulging in addictive behaviors
6 Address
Positive Energy: Loving, caring energy for families, couples, and kids. Good for travel companies, businesses who want good staff, and great for service-oriented businesses. 
Challenges: Overwhelmed from too many responsibilities; becoming too controlling
7 Address
Positive Energy: Helps people gain knowledge, reflect on life, and have powerful insights. Good for churches. 
Challenges: Becoming isolated; addictions; roof problems
8 Address
Positive Energy: Great for businesses. Good for growing a family, integrity, obtaining money and material items. 
Challenges: Possible large financial losses; becoming a workaholic 
9 Address
Positive Energy: Represents selflessness, love, humanitarianism, improving the world, and expanded intuition. Helps people let go of the past and heal. 
Challenges: Energy can cause a major loss; not able to focus on self; not able to make more money
Master Number 11 Address
Positive Energy: Provides many opportunities and higher potential for great success. Increased creativity, develop intuition to its highest potential, and leadership. 
Challenges: Intense challenges to overcome before succeeding; becoming a dreamer without taking any actions
Master Number 22 Address
Positive Energy: Offers stability and the opportunity to achieve big goals. Energy supports spiritual healing, and is great for becoming grounded. 
Challenges: Working too hard; extra stress; intense challenge to overcome before succeeding

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